The cards are here and there are several ways to print them. Four Foldables, Eight Valentines Front / Eight Valentines Back. Individuals are also available: Pixie Spy Magic, Bee Mine, Weevil, Mac, and Back.Show you LoVe and support a Veronica Mars movie today! Send the cards to:

Jeff Robinov                                                                                 President, Production, Warner Bros. Pictures                                     4000 Warner Blvd.                                                                        Burbank, Ca 91522-0002

Joel Silver      

Silver Pictures

c/o Warner Bros. Pictures              

4000 Warner Blvd

Burbank, CA 91522


A special thank to the members of the forum, Neptune Rising, for organizing the LoVe Campaign!  


Here is one postcard. More to come!


Be a part of the LoVe Campaign! Join the multitude of Veronica Mars fans sending Valentine's Day cards to Warner Brothers and Joel Silver. We've heard Rob Thomas talking about a possible movie- now let's show our LoVe. Postcards for download will be available soon!



We hoped you enjoyed reading our version of a VM movie. Please leave a comment! Will Veronica end up with Duncan or Logan?